I am so happy to share this new collection with you. Living where Discovery Bay meets the Strait of Juan de Fuca has been such an inspiration for my work.   I first started collecting seaweed when Geoff and I road-tripped down the Oregon-California coast two years ago.   Now that I live near a beach covered with seaweed, eel grass and kelp,  I am always bringing home new rocks, seaweed and whatever else strikes my fancy when I walk at low tide.   The color of the water changes with the weather here, and the stones featured in this collection reflect the various hues of blue and green. 


The ebb and flow of the tide has been a constant reassurance for me in these times of turmoil.  Between Covid, pushback against the Black Lives Matter movement, the fires and the death of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, I have really needed my beach walks to remind me that—despite all the ups and downs of life—the tide always makes it back in.  I hope that these pieces will help you find solace and strength when you need them most.  

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