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If you see something you like in the gallery - and it isn't in the Shop,

you can  contact me and I might be able to make something similar.  

Contrasts - Pearls & Stones 2022

The absolute darkest of dark black beach stones. These beach stones eat light. Black doesn’t even really do it justice, is it vantablack (the blackest black known to science)? Brilliant iridescent baroque pearls. Sterling silver with texture from the sea highlighted by the patina that hastens the oxidation process and makes the intricate details of nature pop. In the simplest terms – this collection highlights these opposing elements in a way that I hope can illustrate how opposites can not only coexist – but compliment each other - in a beautiful way.

Summer Bloom 2022

There is something for everyone in this release. Lots of rings, new beach stone pieces, some botanicals, some sea urchin, some brand new cast melaleuca necklaces and more. You could probably guess that I would rather be making in the studio, hiking, running, playing pickleball (yes, I am loving playing pickleball) or gardening than doing the computer work but I finally got in gear and am getting it done.

Spring Bling 2022

The Spring Bling Collection features an array of pieces that highlight the colors of spring, with lots of cast botanicals.  I am super excited about my new cast grevillea pods and Styrax Japonica pods.  They are intricate delicate pods that I think translate beautifully into silver. 

Coastal Collection 2021

The Coastal Collection showcases textures and shapes from beaches and tidal areas near and far. I sometimes have to force myself to look up and get a glimpse of the horizon when I stroll along the edge of the water - because my focus is on the stones, pebbles, and flotsam that draws my eyes. Of course - if it looks interesting from a standing view - it must be picked up and inspected more closely. Is it smooth, rough, grooved, intricate, simple - or do I just like it and don't know exactly why? Collected stones and cast seaweed and other beach and forest items come together in this collection in respect of the work water does to shape our natural world.