If you see something you like in the gallery - and it isn't in the Shop,

you can  contact me and I might be able to make something similar.  

Coastal Collection

The Coastal Collection showcases textures and shapes from beaches and tidal areas near and far. I sometimes have to force myself to look up and get a glimpse of the horizon when I stroll along the edge of the water - because my focus is on the stones, pebbles, and flotsam that draws my eyes. Of course - if it looks interesting from a standing view - it must be picked up and inspected more closely. Is it smooth, rough, grooved, intricate, simple - or do I just like it and don't know exactly why? Collected stones and cast seaweed and other beach and forest items come together in this collection in respect of the work water does to shape our natural world.

Fall Collection

The Fall Collection is driven by the muted warm colors of autumn in the Northwest. As the plants and trees in the garden and nearby woods ease into the colder months, hues change and productivity rains from the sky on cold windy days in an alder grove. The stones I chose for this collection tended to follow this seasonal theme - but there were a few exceptions in which I was so taken with a particular stone (like that blue topaz and turquoise), that I just couldn't wait... 

Sprouts to Sprigs

The Sprouts to Sprigs Collection tunes into the little things. The scale of things in these coastal Northwest forests is staggering. From the tiniest seed escaped from a cone into the duff during a fall downpour, to the towering hemlock that dropped it, the connections in these natural systems are a marvel. The wonder of nature can bring you to tears. But rest assured - I had fun collecting for designing, and creating this collection. It's the little things, right?