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This necklace features a frond from a bracken fern that has been cast in sterling silver. It hangs from a fully adjustable 20” sterling silver chain.

Bracken (Old Norse for “fern”) is probably one of the oldest ferns on earth (with fossil records dating back 55 million years) and certainly one of the most tenacious. Its deeply buried rhizomes allow it to survive most disturbances, even fire.

The large, divided leaves of the bracken frond are incredibly tactile. I’ve worn this necklace for several months straight, and I’m constantly running my fingers along its intricate edges.

Materials: recycled sterling silver
Finish: oxidized
Pendant size: 1 1/2” x 1/2”
Chain: 20” sterling silver, adjustable to any length

Bracken Fern Pendant

SKU: SN-678
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