Nature Reimagined.

Eyes glued to the beach sand

searching for that perfectly round rock?


Do you stoop on the mountain trail to inspect the

seedpods of mountain penstemon in July?


My art uses the forms, textures,

and colors produced by nature:  


That leaf you step on, rocks underfoot

and plants you grow -- are seen in a new way.

The leaf could be cast.

The stone could be set.

And the plant’s textures grace your collarbones in silver.


Making jewelry is a combination of all the things I love:

Constructing with my hands, 

transforming raw materials and

drawing inspiration from earth’s gems,

like the perfectly-formed acorn.


Take a peek at my workbench, you’ll see:

A variety of beach stones, gemstones,

textured silver bits and pieces

and seedpods and sticks cast in precious metals.


My creations

find the spare beauty all around us.




Repeating themes.

Nature captured in unexpected ways.


Find your signature piece of nature HERE.

Fall in love and wear it everyday.

 My Story:


In Montana -- I built a lot of forts as a kid.


Little lean-tos of tree bows.

I picked up sticks.

And made fires of pine needles.

I played Oregon Trail -- in the actual woods

not on a computer.


When I was about 9, I found an old homesteader’s leavings.

Bottles, pots and pans, old bed springs and tools

were my treasure.

I made jewelry out of rocks I found,

polishing them with Johnson’s Paste Wax.  

After grad school with an art degree,

I was back outside.


This time it was glass and china tumbled by the ocean.

It was near Port Townsend, Wash.,

and I had to climb down a cliff to get there.  

Six bottles of beach glass later,

I decided I had to justify my hoard of glass.

I started making jewelry.


It started as a child picking things up.

Then a hobby.

I’ve studied classes and workshops.

And I’ve taught others.

Now, making jewelry inspired by nature

is what I do full time.

Just a few stones’ throw from the Columbia River.


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© 2019 by April Ottey


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