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Meet Robin

I want to introduce you to Robin Becht. She has been working with me behind the scenes for the past several years. I met Robin at Art in the Park in Richland. She has a degree in creative writing and is working on writing a novel. She asked to share some of her favorite jewelry pieces below.

Hi! I’m Robin. I’ve been writing and editing for April for a few years, and because I get paid in jewelry, I’ve been amassing what I think is a pretty fun collection. Though my favorites shift depending on my mood, I’d like to give a shout-out to the botanical jewelry I’ve been wearing nonstop over the past few months.

First, a caveat—I’ve been wearing a lot of jewelry. Like, a lot a lot. Like many of you, I am lucky enough to be working from home, and I admit that I now count sweatpants as work attire. Even dressed (way) down, though, I’ve been layering April’s handmade jewelry over my hoodies with more gusto than ever before. Why? Nobody sees them, really. I wear it because it feels good. I like the way the okra and cherry cuff bracelets clink against each other on my wrist and the way the alder cone and Douglas-fir necklaces swing lightly against one another. These sounds and senses lift my mood. When I look in the mirror, I see seaweed earrings swaying in my hair almost like they’re underwater, and the image calms me.

With everything happening in the world and so much uncertainty everywhere, nature has been my main source of serenity. I know lots of people feel this way. And that’s my favorite thing about April’s jewelry, how she can translate Nature—and that feeling, that wonder—into something I can carry around with me. When I can’t go hiking because I have a deadline, I wear the alders and the Douglas-firs. When I’m anxious, I focus on the textures of the cherry bark and okra pods on my wrist.

I’d like to encourage you to pull out your favorite jewelry to enjoy, right now, even if you’re just pairing it with pajamas. Even if nobody sees it. Even if it’s just for you.

Thanks for reading! I wish you health, strength, and happiness through this weird holiday season.


The pieces Robin mentioned would all make great gifts or be a great addition to your collection. You can use the HOLDAY2020 coupon code to purchase these pieces or any piece on the website through November 27th 2020.


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