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Holiday Gifts to Treasure

It's hard to believe 2021 is almost over! As I look back on the year--with all the joys and challenges it threw my way--I feel a lot of gratitude. If you've purchased any of my pieces this year--thank you! If you've liked or commented on any of my social media posts--thank you! (Since one of my ongoing challenges this year has been getting locked out of my Facebook and Instagram accounts, I'd like to offer an extra-special thank you to all who are subscribed to my email list!) Even simply taking the time to read this message helps me so much, and I appreciate you! Thank you for continuing to support my work. It means the world to me.

With the holidays right around the corner, I've made a fun list of unique gifts for the nature lovers in your life. Whether you're shopping for loved ones or for yourself, I hope you find a treasure that speaks to you.

I wish you comfort, peace, and love over the coming holidays. Cheers!

For the ocean lover ~

Everyday Sea Urchin Hoops

Seaweed Earrings

Kyanite and Sea Urchin Ring

Sea Urchin Wrap Ring

For the stone lover ~

Stacked Stone Earrings

Small Leaves & Stacking Stones Earrings

Cairn Necklace

Small Cairn Box Earrings

For the gardener ~

Bleeding Heart Earrings

Mimosa Blossom Earrings

Sedum Flower Pendant

Double Oval & Sedum Earrings

For the tree hugger ~

Alder Cone Earrings

Alder Cone Pendant

Ring of Douglas Fir Sprig Earrings

Acorn Pendant Necklace

Sequoia Cone Pendant


And of course, if you aren't sure what the nature lover on your list might like, you can always opt for a gift card!

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