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These earrings were created by removing the outer petals of a bleeding heart flower and then casting the inside of the bloom. It was sheer luck that I got such a detailed cast of such a delicate plant. These earrings are great to wear casually or to pair with a necklace, such as the Bleeding Heart Charm Necklace or the California Poppy Pod Charm Necklace.

Dicentra spectabilis—Bleeding Hearts—are old garden favorites. No plant can evoke your inner child quite the way that these flowers do. The heart-shaped blooms lining the slender branches appear to drip. If you turn a flower upside down and pull apart the pink petals, you’ll see the white petals in a shape resembling a lady in a bath. In fact, “lady-in-a-bath” is an alternate name for this flower.

Material: recycled sterling silver
Finish: oxidized
Length: 2”

Bleeding Heart Earrings

SKU: SE-1205
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