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A luxurious faceted ethipian opal is set in a 22k gold bezel and mounted with a delicately-detailed cast mimosa tree bud atop a cast sterling silver okra band.  The intricacy of the colors and sparkles off this opal defy description. Yup, gotta see it twinkle in the light on your finger to really appreciate it. The opened inner portions of the okra pod band provide a unique foundation for the pretty little opal and mimosa. Size 6.25.




Stone: faceted opal (1/4"wide  x 1/2" long)

Cast Botanicals: Mimosa tree bud, split okra pod

Band: sterling silver cast okra, just under 1/2" wide 

Recycled sterling silver

Finish: oxidized

Size: 6.25

Opal, Gold, Mimosa and Okra Ring, size 6.25

SKU: SR330
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