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Manzanita leaves are cast in sterling silver and hang from a teardrop-shaped wire that you can wear pointed up or down. The earrings are embellished with 23K gold.  They are lightweight and comfortable.  The design will be a little different on each pair.  


The round leaves of manzanita trees are spellbinding—gorgeous and tactile, sturdy but delicate. And yet the leaves are usually the least admired aspect of these strange trees. The manzanita's bell-shaped flowers and berries are edible and sweet; its reddish, peeling bark is singularly striking; its twisted branches are so unique that florists commonly incorporate them into centerpieces. On a Pacific coast road trip last year, it was this little round, veiny leaf of the manzanita that stole the my attention.


Material: recycled sterling silver
Finish: oxidized
Length: 2 1/2"
Hoop wires

Manzanita Leaf and Gold Earrings

SKU: SE1307
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