Hinged Sedum Sprig Earrings

SKU: SE-1083

I think of sedums as Nature’s adornment; the variety of foliage shapes and textures makes them seem like living art. They are some of my favorite succulents because they are vibrant and geometrically shaped.


I cast these sedums in sterling silver and hung them from hinged loops. The hinges give these earrings great movement. They are comfortable and fun to wear. Choose either the longer (2 1/2 inches) or shorter (2 inches) version.



Material: recycled sterling silver

Finish: oxidized

Earring length: choose either LONG (2 1/2 inches, including ear wire) or SHORT (2 inches, including ear wire)

Earring width: 1/2 inch (both versions)

Sterling silver handmade ear wires

Earring Length

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