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Because it is one of the first perennials to bloom after the winter frost, the daffodil is associated with springtime, rebirth, and new beginnings. It is a symbol of hope. Many also associate the flower with friendship. The daffodil is a lovely flower that is jam-packed with meaning. 


I cast the center of a daffodil bloom (called the trumpet or corona) in silver to make these striking statement earrings. Elegant and distinctive, these earrings provide a polished and unique addition to your look. Wear them to remind yourself of the often underestimated values of hope and renewal. These earrings would also make a great gift for a close friend. 



Material: recycled sterling silver

Length: 2 inches

Width: 1/2 inch

Finish:  oxidized silver

Earring type: dangle/drop

Wire backs

Daffodil Trumpet Earrings

SKU: SE-1006
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