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This cast center of an aster flower with 24k gold keum-boo is the centerpiece of this stack. It is on a cast sea urchin shell band. The other bands feature a cast twig with a 14k gold dot, a cast mimosa bud on a leaf textured band, and a lightly textured band with 24k gold keum-boo. These stackers are as much fun to wear as they are to make. I just love how they look together - and having the set allows you the flexibility to pick and choose the combinations you feel like wearing. The stacks also feel amazingly good on your finger. *Size 6 - but I can make them a little larger.




Bands: various widths, overall width of the stack is 5/8", with accents of 24k gold keum-boo and 14k gold dot

Recycled sterling silver

Finish: oxidized

*Size: 6 (but can make up to a 8 or so upon request)

Cast Botanicals, Sea Urchin, and Mimosa with Gold Stacking Rings, size 6*

SKU: SR340
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