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This necklace features 3-5 riveted stones, surrounded by a sterling silver box that gives the pendant structural appeal. The stones spin freely.

Since prehistoric times, people around the world have erected cairns—stacked mounds of stones—to signify the importance of particular places. Cairns have been used as memorials, landmarks, and trail-markers throughout history. Whenever I come across one, I love thinking about who might have built it, how long it’s been there, and why it might have been created. Cairns feel timeless, often remaining intact through eras. Here I have used stones I collected from beaches all along the west coast to construct cairns of my own. Whether this cairn will remind you to embark upon a new trail, to find your way home again, or to honor something significant in your life—I hope you enjoy the experience of wearing it.

Note that the colors of the stones may vary slightly from the picture.

Material: recycled sterling silver
Beach stones: 3-5 stones, each measuring 3/4” x 1/2”
Chain Length: choose 16”, 18” or 20”

Cairn necklace (WS)

SKU: SN568
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