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Seed pods from two species of poppy plants—California and Shirley—have been cast in sterling silver and combined to create this dainty, eye-catching necklace.

No question the flowers of poppy plants are vibrant and gorgeous. But if you’re fascinated by Nature’s many varieties and textures, you can’t beat the poppy seed pod. There is something almost otherworldly and beautiful about its shape. Here I’ve combined the pods of two of my favorite species to create this unusual necklace.

Called the flame flower for its vibrant red, orange, and yellow blooms, the California poppy creates a slender seed pod that spirals as it dries into a unique circle, perfect for the loop of the necklace. The charm is a cast Shirley poppy pod.

This necklace pairs perfectly with the Double Poppy Seed Pod Earrings.

Material: recycled sterling silver
Finish: oxidized
Pendant Height: 1 1/2”
Pendant Width: 3/4”
Chain Length: 18”

Double Poppy Pod Necklace

SKU: SN-641
Out of Stock
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