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Lovers of sunshine: I made these for you! I’ve paired two sun-loving plants—a succulent and a California poppy—to form these beautiful and bright earrings.


Called the flame flower for its vibrant red, orange, and yellow blooms, the California poppy is happiest in extremely sunny, sandy places. When its slender seed pod dries, it spirals into a unique circle, perfect for the loop of the earring. Like the California poppy, succulents are tough but beautiful; they can tolerate intense sunshine that would scorch most other plants. 


I cast the poppy pod and the succulent in sterling silver and hung the succulent charms from the poppy pod loops. These earrings are delicate yet sturdy and add an easy, natural elegance to any outfit. You’ll love how they glint in the sun!


These earrings pair beautifully with the hoop charm necklaces. 



Material: recycled sterling silver

Finish: oxidized

Total length (including ear wire): 2 inches

Width: 3/4 inch

Ear wire backs

California Poppy Seed Pod and Succulent Earrings

SKU: SE-1171
Out of Stock
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