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Much of the work here has been sold.  If you see something you love,  

contact me, I do custom work and special orders.  

Branches and Rocks
Garnets and Cast Califonia Poppy Seed Pods
Alder Cone Earrings
Poppy Rocks Earrings
Lily Pod earrings
Botanical Pods
Botanical Pods with Moonstone
White Pearl Earrings
Black Ellipse Earrings
Small Botanical Pod Earrings.
Leaf Earrings
Green Pearl Earrings
Chile Powder and Resin Earrings
Orange Enameled Earrings
Rocks and Holes
Green Enamel Earrings
Larimar and Copper Posts
Leaf Earrings
Red Enamel Earrings
Small Black Ellipse Earrings
River Rock and Moonscape earring
Tanzanite Botanical Earrings
Copper, Silver and Opal Earrings
Botanical Pods with 4 Stamens
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