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These earrings feature Myrtlewood leaves cast in sterling silver with the leaf enhanced with 23k gold keum-boo. The cast leaves swing nicely below the 14k gold ear wire and small hoop. The striking angularity, texture, and light weight of these leaves makes them perfect for earrings.

The Myrtlewood is a tree that goes by many names, but it thrives in only one area—the beautiful coastal forests of the Pacific Northwest. One of its names—the California bay—hints at just how much these leaves resemble culinary bay leaves. But fresh Myrtlewood leaves have a peppery aroma all their own and were often used by Native American tribes as medicine.


Material: recycled sterling silver, 23k gold keum-boo, 14k gold ear wires and small hoop
Finish: oxidized
Length: 2-1/2"
Width: 1/2"

Myrtlewood Leaf Hoop with Gold Earrings

SKU: SE1478
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