Myrtlewood Leaf Posts

SKU: SE-1170

The Myrtlewood is a tree that goes by many names, but it thrives in only one area—the beautiful coastal forests of the Pacific Northwest. One of its names—the California bay—hints at just how much these leaves resemble culinary bay leaves. But fresh Myrtlewood leaves have a peppery aroma all their own and were often used by Native American tribes as medicine. 


I love the perfect angularity of these leaves. Once I cast them in sterling silver, I discovered they are the perfect size and shape for earrings! They seem to look great on everyone. And I find it’s really pleasant to wear a little piece of the pacific coast, which is surely one of the most beautiful places on the planet.



Material: recycled sterling silver

Finish: oxidized or bright

Earring size: .25” x .75”

Post backs


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