Hinged Poppy Pod Earrings

SKU: SE-1074

No question the flowers of the poppy plant are gorgeous—colorful and vibrant. But if you’re fascinated by Nature’s wide varieties and textures, you can’t beat the poppy seed pod. There is something almost otherworldly and beautiful about its shape. It makes for great jewelry!


I cast the poppy pods in sterling silver and hung them from sterling silver hinged loops. The addition of the hinges gives these earrings great movement. These unusual earrings are comfortable and easy to wear. Choose either the longer (2 1/2 inch) or shorter (2 inch) version. 



Material: recycled sterling silver

Finish: oxidized

Earring length: choose either LONG (2 1/2 inches, including ear wire) or SHORT (2 inches, including ear wire)

Earring width: 1/2 inch (both versions)

Sterling silver handmade ear wires

Earring Length

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