With this necklace, I have collected some of my very favorite discoveries from my Pacific coast trip last fall. All three pieces of the pendant—the beach stone, the Manzanita, and the Western larch—are native to the Pacific Northwest. Each of these charms is beautiful on its own, but together, they showcase the beauty at every level of the region—from the sea, to the ground, to the sky. 


I collected the stone from Dry Lagoon Beach in California. With my feet in the ocean, I wandered the beach, gathering rocks. The Manzanita is a short tree, easily admired at eye level, and I fell in love with its round leaves. I love how intricately the cast leaf reveals its veiny texture. And to represent the sky, I chose a sprig of Western larch, a tall conifer that grows up to 200 feet high and is happiest growing on mountains. 


This might be my favorite piece from the collection. If you have a soft spot in your heart for the Pacific Northwest, then I made this necklace for you.



Material: recycled sterling silver, beach stone

Finish: oxidized

Pendant length: 3.5”

Chain: 24” box chain

Coastal Finds Necklace

SKU: SN-576

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