Larch Sprig Earrings


If you’ve ever stopped to listen to the breeze softly whistling through a cedar tree, you know why I was inspired to make these earrings. Cedars are hardy trees with strong roots that can live hundreds of years. They’re often planted in blustery places; their strong roots anchor them against powerful winds. And together they make a soft, quiet music. 


I dried cedar sprigs, and once their needles fell out, I cast them in sterling silver. I am quite pleased with how these turned out. The intricate detail of the sprig makes them catch light in interesting, unusual ways, and the shape is flattering against the neck. These earrings are incredibly comfortable. I’ve even worn them running!


I’ve really been enjoying wearing these. And I hope you’ll enjoy them too. We can all benefit from a little music in our ears!



Material: recycled sterling silver

Finish: oxidized

Length: 3 inches

Ear wire backs

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