Hemlock Cone Necklace

SKU: SN-489

John Muir—the naturalist and founder of the Sierra Club—once wrote of the hemlock tree: 


“I wish I had space to write more of the surpassing beauty of this favorite spruce… The deer love to lie down beneath its spreading branches; bright streams from the snow that is always near ripple through its groves…But the best words only hint its charms.”


Hemlock trees grow well in shade where other trees often struggle, thriving in the understory of the forest, until at last they grow taller than the trees around them. They are majestic trees, and their cones have a lovely angular shape.

I cast a hemlock cone in silver to create this geometric pendant. The pine cone is 7/8” by 1/2”—small enough to layer, but big enough to pack an earthy punch. Wear it as an appreciation not only for nature’s intricate beauty but its resiliency, as well!  



Material: recycled sterling silver

Pendant size: 7/8 inch by 1/2 inch

Chain length: 18 inches, extendable to 20 inches

Chain type: rectangular box chain

Pendant finish: oxidized silver 

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