California Poppy Seed Pod Hoops

SKU: se-1049

An American native, the California poppy loves to grow wild all along the west coast. Called the flame flower because of its vibrant red, orange, and yellow blooms, this plant is happiest in sunny, sandy places. As stunning as these flame flowers are, I get most excited about what is left after the bloom fades. The seed pod of the California poppy has a delicate and slender shape that’s perfect for my designs!


I cast two California poppy seed pods in sterling silver to make a double hoop for each earring. The pods give these hoops great texture and depth. The earrings are comfortable, easy to wear, and add a spark of fun to any outfit.



Material: recycled sterling silver

Finish: oxidized

Size: 1 inch by 1 inch, 1/2 inch thick at base

Closure: simple hinged catch

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