Collected on my hikes and grown in my gardens, botanicals are the backbone of my art.  I focus on the intricate details of the natural world--the architecture, texture and shape. It's how I choose plants for my garden and how I decide which ones to cast into gold and silver.   I love to garden.  Growing up in rural Montana, my parents had a huge vegetable garden. My brother and I spent some time helping in the garden and the rest of our free time, we explored the woods around our place.     As an adult, I love to grow my own food but I also enjoy having ornamental gardens and  discovering new kinds of plants.   When I started casting botanicals, my garden was the place I started.   I started to see plants in a whole new way.  Were the pods thick enough to cast? What would the texture look like translated into silver?  Many of the pieces you  see below came from plants in my yard or from hikes and walks in the Pacific Northwest.   

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